Take Action Alert: City of Boston

Boston, January 17th, 20223– MASSCreative Inc. is proud to support the Drawing Democracy Coalition (DDC) and Massachusetts Voter Table (MVT) and stand in solidarity with the people of Boston, who have long awaited the passing of the Unity Map by the Boston City Council members and Boston Mayor Michelle WU. The Unity Map proposes redistricting Boston so that Black residents and residents of color are fairly represented in elections. Advocates for the Unity Map believe the proposed redistricting will abolish voter suppression and “make sure districts are of roughly equal size to ensure that each resident’s vote is weighted the same” The BayState Banner, 2022

 The Unity Maps is the result of significant community effort, where numerous community voices were heard both in favor and against this initiative. Organizers from DDC and MVT have worked tirelessly with elected officials and community members  to shift the racial gap from Cedar Grove, Neponset and Adams Village from 9.5% to 14.5%. In hope of giving an impactful voting experience to community members in districts like district 4. Because many members of Boston’s arts and cultural community - including artists, creative workers and arts administrators live in these communities and are at risk of experiencing voter suppression, MASSCreative is proud to support this call to action - the last push needed to get it codified. We are concerned that without the adoption of the Unity Map residents will continue to be at risk of voter suppression and displacement. 

The MASSCreative team is excited to see a brighter Boston, where artist displacement is a myth of the past, and there’s a place for everyone and their stories. Most importantly, we are proud to stand in solidarity with you as you fight to ensure your vote matters, irrespective of your voting zip code.  Which is why we are asking everyone to take the pledge with us toward creating a more opportunistic, and equitable Boston by signing the petition in favor of the Unity Map. 

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