Two Letters in Response to the Boston Globe's Public Art Piece

The Boston Globe ran two letters in response to its public art pieces last weekend, Moving beyond the bronze age and Graffiti: Make room for more Bartlett YardsThe first letter, penned by Create the Vote coalition members Matt Pollock, Executive Director of HarborArts, and Gary Dunning, Executive Director of Celebrity Series, celebrates the attention public art receives in the recent Globe coverage. Pollock and Dunning write that artists in the city are working collaboratively toward creating cultural change and public art plays an essential role in this arts advocacy movement: 

"We believe good public art inspires conversation and connection. Every city, including Boston, could use more of that." City poised for a renaissance, The Boston Globe

In another letter, Roxbury artist, Peter Bass, directly engages the conversation about public art sparked in the two Globe pieces. Bass favors the bronze statues scattered around the city, calling attention to their historical and cultural significance to Boston. It's essential, Bass argues, to see the value in public art Boston already has; however, that doesn't mean we don't need more public art:

"I would like to join with Smee in calling for public art that’s more exciting and easily accessible, but at the same time I want to make sure we maintain Boston’s traditional love of art that’s grand and historical." A place for both bold and bronze, The Boston Globe

Read the letter from Gary Dunning and Matt Pollock, City poised for a renaissanceand the letter from Peter Bass, A place for both bold and bronze

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