Tomorrow, Be an Arts Voter!

When you go to the polls tomorrow, we hope you make a candidates’ stance on arts, culture, and creativity one of your top priorities in who you support. Arts and cultural initiatives, if nourished, will provide creative solutions to many of the city’s most substantial obstacles. Read through our election blog to see many relevant case studies showing that art has the capacity to serve our schools, neighborhoods, and the economy

That’s why we launched the Create the Vote Coalition and campaign: to ensure that the next mayor of Boston is a champion of the arts. We want someone who will:

  • develop a strategic vision for the city’s creative community;
  • fund arts and cultural initiatives across the city; and
  • lead by example by convening community leaders and attending arts events

Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm. Click here to find your polling location.

Click here to for a chart comparing how the candidates would use the arts to address citywide issues.
Click here for a chart comparing the candidates’ personal connection to the arts.
Click here for a chart comparing the candidates’ stance on how the arts can be used to enhance education.
Click here for a chart comparing how the candidates explain how the role that the arts would play in their administration.
Click here for a chart comparing the candidates’ ideas on how to grow the creative economy.
Click here for a chart comparing the candidates’ idea on how to market Boston as a creative and cultural destination.
Click here for a chart on the candidates’ priorities.

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Not seeing much in the way of getting arts education back in the schools, where standardized testing is more important than learning the discipline and concentration required to play an instrument well. None of the candidates have mentioned how arts education improves math scores and reading skills either!

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