President of Cornell University Says the Arts Are Essential

"There is growing evidence that arts education improves student learning and thereby produces better citizens. Throughout the United States, educational institutions -- from local schools to community colleges to research universities -- act as centers for public culture and for instilling in our children the values and knowledge that come only from a study of the humanities and the arts." - David J. Skorton, President of Cornell University

From the moment we enter our first classroom, we require academic development that challenges us across the disciplines, ranging from the sciences to the humanities. The President of Cornell argues that we should not lose sight of arts education in our tightly packed curriculums. Art is essential to a holistic, inclusive education, and indeed, is a diverse selling-point for college applicants. Through creative studies, students can create and innovate, contributing to both intellectual and cultural growth. 

Read more about why the President of Cornell believes the arts are essential. 

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