2015 was a great year of growth for MASSCreative. It’s the support and engagement of the arts and cultural community and its supporters that make it all possible. Thank you – we couldn’t have done it without you.

We increased public funding for artists and cultural organizations.  
Our advocacy led to a 20 percent growth in the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) budget from $12 million last year to $14 million, the largest increase to the MCC budget in nine years. This advocacy included a wildly successful grassroots campaign to persuade the legislature to override a gubernatorial veto of the funding increase, which revealed broad bipartisan support in our legislature for increasing public investment in the arts and cultural community. This marked the third year of continuous growth in the Commonwealth’s arts budget.

We elevated the role that arts and culture play in the health of the Commonwealth.
In the 2015 election cycle, we grew the number of Create the Vote campaigns from singular efforts in the previous two years to seven distinct campaigns, elevating the discussion of the economic, social, and educational benefits of investing in arts, culture, and creativity in key municipal elections across the state. This growth has shown us that opportunities exist for arts and culture to play key roles in the economic, educational, and quality of life issues facing Massachusetts. To do that, the arts, cultural, and creative community needs to continue its transformation from being a sector to becoming a political movement.

We’re going bigger and bolder in 2016.
Starting in 2016, MASSCreative will lead with a bigger and bolder plan to establish the arts, cultural, and creative sector as a critical and powerful voice for change in the Commonwealth; run statewide and municipal campaigns that will significantly impact Massachusetts communities; and ensure the long-term viability of MASSCreative as an effective advocacy voice for the state’s arts and cultural community.

Together, we can grow this movement by showing politicians and the public that art is not just nice, it is necessary.

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Congratulations on your achievements! #masscreative #2015

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