Senate Budget: Let's Keep Rallying

Over the past week, the creative community came together to tell the Senate that everyone in Massachusetts has the right to experience creativity and see their culture reflected in artistic expression. Together we sent the message that state investment in the Mass Cultural Council makes equitable public arts and culture funding of cultural organizations and artists possible.

Email your State Senator by 5PM TOMORROW to boost support for the creative community.

After the Senate Ways & Means Committee released their recommended state budget last week, Senator Ed Kennedy--Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development--filed two budget amendments in support of equitable state investment in the creative community. 

Amendment #686 supports increased state investment in the creative community by funding the Mass Cultural Council at $18 million.

Amendment #832 ensures the Mass Cultural Council is able to do its work as the state arts agency that provides both grants and services to the creative community.

So far 10 different Senators have signed onto the amendments. We still have work to do by 5PM tomorrow to get the rest of the Senate on our side. And to make an even bigger impact with Senate Leadership, we need at least a majority of senators to sign onto both amendments.

Ask your State Senator to cosponsor budget amendments #686 and #832 to boost the impact of the creative community through Mass Cultural Council grants and services.

Opportunities to experience arts and culture and creative expression and are just as integral to social well-being as adequate food, housing, income, and the pursuit of meaningful activities.

None of these benefits to our communities occur incidentally. They are the result of strategic investments in grants and services to Local Cultural Councils, working artists, cultural institutions, community groups, and youth programs by the Mass Cultural Council, which focuses on expanding equitable access to arts and culture for all residents.

Send an email to your State Senator by 5PM TOMORROW urging them to stand up for a more vibrant and creative Massachusetts.

So far, the creative community's emails have reached over 80% of all Senate offices, but we only have a handful of Senators signed on as cosponsors to both amendments. To make a real impact, we need to get a majority of cosponsors on each amendment.

Let’s make sure every Senate office gets the message that arts and culture builds healthy, vibrant, connected, and equitable communities across Massachusetts.

Invite your networks to take action by using our toolkit:

Send a message to your State Senator TODAY.

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