Hearing for S.2246: The Commonwealth Cultural Futures Act

On Tuesday September 28 at 11am the Joint Commitee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development will hold a hearing on S.2246 The Commonwealth Cultural Futures Act.

An important part of the legislative process are hearings where committees accept testimony from experts and constituents on bills. 

After a hearing the committee will make a recommendation on the bill. They can:

  • Report it favorably and it will move forward in the process to become a law.
  • Send it to Study, where it will receive more examination by legislative staff.
  • Report it adversely and it will not continue forward at all.

What Advocates Can Do

There are two ways you can engage in the hearing process:

  • Testify at the Hearing
  • Submit Written Testimony

How Do I Testify at a Hearing?

You can sign up to testify via this online form.

You will have 3 minutes to share your thoughts on the bill and urge the committee to either favorably or adversely report the bill. 

In the case of this bill, we urge you to share your support for the legislation.

Below are some tips for preparing your testimony:

  • Begin by addressing the Chairs of the committee
    • Chair Kennedy and Chair Fiola
  • Thank the entire committee for the opportunity to share your support for the bill.
  • Introduce yourself:
    • "For the record my name is (name) and I am (job title, profession, artistic discipline).
    • If you are from an organization feel free to share a sentence about the organization.
  • State your support for S.2246 An Act to Rebuild the Commonwealth's Cultural Future.
  • Finish by thanking the committee and offering to answer any questions they might have.

What is Written Testimony?

Writing testimony is an excellent way to add your voice to the public record. Written testimony is considered by committee members and staff when making final decisions. Below are some tips for writing testimony in support of S.2246 The Commonwealth Cultural Futures Act:

  • Testimony can be submitted via email to Derek Dunlea or James Ostis at [email protected]  and [email protected].
  • Use "Written Testimony – TACD 9/28/21" in the subject line.
  • You should address the testimony to:
    • Hon. Edward J. Kennedy, Senate Chair, Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development Committee

    • Hon. Carole Fiola, House Chair, Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development Committee

Talking Points For Preparing Your Testimony (written or at the hearing)

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