Boston Prepares for a Citywide Arts and Culture Renaissance

Shortly after the announcement of Julie Burros appointment to Boston’s Chief of Arts and Culture, her initiatives and processes are now beginning. When Marty Walsh spoke with MASSCreative’s Create the Vote Coalition for the 2013 mayoral election, he shared that he wanted to “have an arts renaissance in the city of Boston.” And in collaboration with Burros, the city prepares for this 18-month citywide cultural resurgence.

These plans may include initiatives that increase public access, like an increase of festivals and constructions of public art. Burros is also considering how to stimulate civic engagement with legislation that could offer better access to permits for neighborhood events and more affordable housing for artists to sustain their Boston roots. 

With the logistical aid and funding from the Barr Foundation and the Klarman Family Foundation, both are dedicated to the flexible and organic process this may take. Barr president and trustee James E. Canales explained “If you care about a community that is vibrant, that is seeking engagement from all of its citizens, that is looking for ways to spark and support creativity … Arts and culture has to be at the center of your community.” 

MASSCreative is ready to work with Julie Burros and Mayor Walsh’s administration to nurture this cultural revival of Boston and promote all of its progressive and imaginative potential. 

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