Nuamkeag Gardens Get Extreme Makeover

"The Trustees of Reservations was recently awarded a grant in support of its restoration of the Afternoon Garden at Naumkeag.  This favorite spot was designed between 1926 and 1928 as a collaboration between Mabel Choate and Fletcher Steele, and remains a favorite spot for visitors to rest today as they tour the Naumkeag grounds in Stockbridge. 
We could not undertake any of our restoration projects without the support of this and other state funding.  The projects are costly, complicated and important to the integrity of these heritage sites.  Designated a National Landmark, Naumkeag has been recognized for its national significance, yet it is the state-wide funds that have been our most treasured public supporters.  Naumkeag draws thousands of tourists to Stockbridge every year (as of this writing we have hosted over 7,000 this year).  As one of many cultural institutions in the Berkshires, this region more than any other understands the value of culture and nature as it drives the region’s economy. 
The support of the Afternoon Garden restoration is Phase 2 of a five-phase restoration program for the gardens, scheduled for completion in 2016.  The funds are a key piece of the larger project, used to leverage private donations, grant and foundation support for this important work. As we bring each of our culturally significant properties to life, the Cultural Facilities Fund is an integral part of our funding strategy. Just as art influences nature and nature influences art, the symbiotic balance between state and private funding maximizes the value of each individual dollar.   As we work to preserve the Commonwealth’s great heritage, and promote its artistic and cultural value, we are looking to do more than preserve a great landmark, we are looking to bring it alive, to spark the colors of community life."
- Cindy, The Trustees of Reservations

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