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mc_cms_blueSq.jpg   MASSCreative's executive director, Matt Wilson, sat down with the Boston Neighborhood Network to discuss the importance of arts funding in the community and the Create the Vote campaign’s goal to elevate arts in the gubernatorial campaign. Watch the video to get the full rundown. 

mc_cms_blueSq.jpg  Remember Kwasi Enin? The student who gained acceptance to all eight Ivy League colleges? See what he had to say about the impact of the arts on his education:

"Music has become the spark of my intellectual curiosity. I directly developed my capacity to think creatively around problems due to the infinite possibilities in music. There are millions of combinations of key signatures, chords, melodies, and rhythms ... As I began to explore a minute fraction of these combinations from the third grade onwards, my mind began to formulate roundabout methods to solve any mathematical problem, address any literature prompt, and discover any exit in an undesirable situation. ... Lastly, music has become the educator that has taught me the importance of leadership, teamwork and friendship."

Read more about Enin and his inspiring testimony to arts education on our blog. 

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