Narrows Center for the Arts: Serving the South Shore

"Without the Narrows, the South Shore and South Coast of Massachusetts would be denied a wonderful venue to see and hear art.  

My husband and I have been patrons and donors for most of the time the Narrows has been in existence.  We have attended concerts and view exhibits in the dead of summer braving the heat.  Fortunately the Narrows received a 2013 Cultural Facilities Fund grant and we can look forwarded to very cool concerts, not just the artists but in temperature.

The Narrows is located in a renovated textile mill. It is truly a wonder and shows the ingenuity of arts and cultural organizations who want to reach the public.  Without the Narrows many of us would be deprived of the "up close and personal" performances where you can reach out and touch the artists.  Many local artists would not be given a start as they are often the warm-up acts for the bigger names. And then there is the jobs created by the organization and the other economic benefits brought to the local area.

Many arts and cultural institutions do not maintain adequate cash reserve for repairs and maintenance and/or regulations change and they don't have the funds to comply (think the Station Nightclub Fire and how it changed the fire regulations for institutions open to the public).  Allocating all or a portion of the $26M would permit arts and cultural institutions to make the repairs and upgrades before they get even more expensive and dire."

-Susan Hammond
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