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mc_cms_blueSq.jpg Building arts support, from Pittsfield to Boston, Lowell to New Bedford

Earlier this month, MASSCreative convened municipal arts and culture officials from around the Commonwealth to discuss their work in local communities and opportunities for collaboration.

Looking across the map, from Pittsfield to Boston, Lowell to New Bedford, there is a common narrative: the role of the arts is integral to the vitality of their communities.

Municipal officials found common ground based on the strengths and challenges in the cities they represent. From city-to-city, the local creative community is passionate and engaged, supportive and collaborative, and deeply ingrained in the region’s cultural identity. Despite this vibrancy, most cities’ creative populations struggle with funding and political hurdles that threaten their capacity to thrive and utilize the community to its fullest.

To serve these cities and the whole Commonwealth, municipal leaders agree that collective advocacy is a part of the solution to building creative, connected communities.  

As part of our work to make sure the arts community has the resources it needs, we're encouraging towns and cities to invest in their local arts and cultural scene. Towns and cities should join their sisters in Boston, Medford, Medfield and others in matching funds allocated to their local cultural council. If you would like materials and assistance on how to effectively ask your town or city for increased allocations to your local creative community, please contact Tracie at [email protected]. Read how it's possible with successes in Medford and Medfield.


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