Montreal mayoral candidates campaign on the arts

On November 3, voters in Montreal will elect a new mayor. And they are, according to LaScena Musicale, a monthly arts and culture magazine, “competing for the affections of the arts and culture sector.”

Sound familiar?

As in Boston, artists in Montreal are working together to ensure that their next mayor is a champion of the arts:

"[W]orkers from the arts and culture sector want to ensure that the future administration acts on their most pressing concerns. They want a more active mayor, one who is involved with and will support cultural sector workers, who are often neglected when it comes to financial support."

Requests from the creative community include an increase in public investment in the arts and cultural sector; encouraging provincial and federal governmental support for the arts; and full implementation of a cultural action plan.

You can read the full article here. Scroll down to page 20 of the PDF. 

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