House Budget Cuts Arts Funding by 13%


On April 26, the Massachusetts House passed its FY18 budget that will fund the Massachusetts Cultural Council at $12.1 million, a significant cut from the current year.

This appropriation represents an increase over the original House Ways and Means proposal of $10 million, yet the budget is still a 13% cut from last year’s appropriation to the MCC, which provides funding to the arts and cultural community to build a more vibrant, healthy, and equitable Massachusetts.

MASSCreative recognizes the bipartisan coalition of 115 State Representatives who supported Representative Cory Atkins’ amendment that called for the MCC to be funded at $16 million. Supporters of the creative community did their part, sending over 1,000 messages to members of the House and amplifying the message on social media. This collective action directly resulted in securing a supermajority of the House to stand up in support of reversing the cuts.

MASSCreative will continue to fight for $16 million in funding for arts and culture through the MCC as the budget moves this week to the Senate, and in June to a Conference Committee and the Governor’s Desk. In January, Governor Baker’s proposed budget funded the MCC at $14.3 million.

Increased MCC funding is more crucial than ever, with proposed cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities further jeopardizing arts funding here in the Commonwealth. We truly need our political leaders to take a step up, rather than a step back. MASSCreative will continue to fight for the resources needed to build a healthy, vibrant, and equitable Commonwealth. Onward to the Senate.

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