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Each year in Massachusetts we come together to decide how we will spend tax revenues in the next year. Budgets are a representation of our collective priorities and developing a spending plan requires participation from all of us. It can feel redundant having to make the same ask year after year, yet the budget process is a necessary and excellent opportunity for us to tell our stories about the importance of arts and creativity in our communities. 

Bookmark this page for updates on the status of the budget and ways to help advocate for substantial public support for arts, culture, and creativity in Massachusetts.

FY24 Budget


Governor Healey's Budget 

House Ways &
Means Budget

House Budget

Senate Ways &
Means Budget 

Senate Budget



FINAL FY24 Budget  

Mass Cultural Council $25M            

02/01/23: Governor Healey & Lt. Governor Driscoll Release Their Inaugural Budget

On Wednesday, March 1st, Governor Healey and Lt. Governor Driscoll released their administration’s inaugural budget. The total FY24 $55 billion budget proposal is approximately 4% more than the FY23 budget. Here are a few areas that will impact the creative sector and its workforce:

The Mass Cultural Council budget

Governor Healey and Lt. Governor Driscoll recommended $25 million for the operations and grant programs of the Mass Cultural Council - an 11% increase from the Mass Cultural Council’s FY23 operating budget. 

More importantly, it is a significant milestone regarding support from a Massachusetts governor for the creative sector: Governor Healey’s budget recommendation is 22.65% more than Governor Baker’s recommendation last year - which was the most his administration ever recommended for the agency. 

TAKE ACTION: Send a quick note to Governor Healey and Lt. Governor Driscoll for this historic recommendation

Earlier this year, MASSCreative launched its $5 for creativity campaign - urging the Healey Driscoll Administration to increase the Mass Cultural Council line item to $5 per resident of the Commonwealth, approximately $35 million total. At $25 million, Governor Healey’s recommendation would result in a $3.58 per capita of state spending for arts, culture, and creativity. The Healey Driscoll Administration’s proposal is an essential step in our campaign, and we want to demonstrate our thanks for this quick progress.

Massachusetts Office of Tourism and Travel

The Healey Driscoll Administration recommended $3,271,019 for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, a $7.4 million decrease due to the elimination of one-time costs in FY23.

Theater Tax Credit

As part of the Governor’s $859 million tax package, the Live Theater Tax Credit would provide qualifying live theater productions (including broadway and off broadway tryouts, national tour launches, and local and regional commercial theater productions) with a tax credit for a share of payroll, production, and transportation costs.

Chapter 70 School Funding

Chapter 70 School Funding received a 9.8% increase to $6.58 billion for FY24. The Student Opportunities Act (passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Baker in 2019) requires the increase. Chapter 70 Funding is the state aid provided to Massachusetts public elementary and secondary schools. State aid provides a foundation for school districts to provide equitable educational opportunities for all students, including arts education. 

 Child and Family Tax Credit

Also included in the Governor’s $859 million tax package is the Child and Family Credit, providing a $600 tax credit per qualifying dependent, including children, disabled adults, and seniors - available for all income levels. For many artists and working creatives, this tax credit, which is fully refundable, could provide additional support to stay in the creative sector. 

What Comes Next?

The FY24 budget process now moves to the legislature, first in the House and then in the Senate. The Joint Committee on Ways and Means will hold hearings in the next month when state agencies - including the Mass Cultural Council and Mass Office of Tourism and Travel - can make their FY24 budget requests. 

Take Action: endorse our letter to House and Senate leadership for the FY24 Budget

In April, we can expect the House to negotiate its version of the budget. In May, the Senate will negotiate its proposal. In late spring, the House and Senate will negotiate their two different versions in a conference committee, and then pass a final budget for the Governor to sign, veto, or line-item veto the budget.

Your Source for Budget Advocacy

MASSCreative is proud to partner with artists, creatives, cultural organizations, and changemakers across the Commonwealth on necessary advocacy to ensure a stronger, more equitable, and inclusive creative sector for all. Bookmark this page for regular updates on the FY24 budget and advocacy opportunities you can join. 

FY23 Budget


Governor Baker’s January Budget 

(January 2022)

House Ways & Means Budget


House Budget


Senate Ways & Means Budget 


Senate Budget




FY23 Budget Signed by Governor Baker 

Mass Cultural Council $20.4M $22.5M $23,107,000* $22M $22,750,000** $23,377,000*** $23,377,000***

* $22.5M for Mass Cultural Council grants and operations, $607,000 in earmarks for special projects and organizations. 

** $22M for Mass Cultural Council grants and operations, $750,000 in earmarks for special projects and organizations.

***$22.5M for Mass Cultural Council grants and operations, $877,000 in earmarks for special projects and organizations.

Read more about the FY23 State Budget Process

FY22 Budget



Governor Baker’s January Budget 

(January 2021)

House Ways &
Means Budget


House Budget


Senate Ways & Means Budget (5/11/21)

Senate Budget




FY22 Budget Signed by Governor Baker 


Mass Cultural Council $16.3M $20M $21.4M* $20M $20M $21.4M* $21.4M*

*$1,375,000 of the allocated amount are designated for specific projects through the earmark process and will not go towards grant programs or Mass Cultural Council operations. 

Read about the FY22 State Budget Process

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