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Celebrating our impact; Arts Advocacy at the State House

On February 10, Local Cultural Councils from across the Commonwealth gathered at the State House for Massachusetts Cultural Council’s LCC Statewide Assembly Day. Over the course of the day, MCC celebrated the great work of the Local Cultural Councils and shone a spotlight on local groups that brought exceptional programming and services to their community. And of course, the crowd was treated to artistic performances demonstrating the quality and diversity of arts and culture present in Massachusetts. 

But it wasn’t just about celebrating the creative community’s great work; it was also about taking action to ensure this important work could continue to thrive in Massachusetts. That’s where advocacy comes in.

Rallied onward by MASSCreative Executive Director Matt Wilson and armed with impact data, Local Cultural Council members went into meetings with their elected officials, ready to make their case. These meetings gave Local Cultural Councils the opportunity to build relationships with their legislators, share their stories, and advocate for support and resources for arts and culture in their community. Certainly, the presence of so many arts advocates at the State House placed arts front and center in front of our legislators.

The importance of telling our stories is essential to inspiring support for the sector. That’s why MCC will be diving deeper into storytelling from the arts community in their new podcast, Creative Minds Out LoudListen and subscribe.


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