Our chance to boost arts funding


The State House is in the final stages of signing off on the state budget – including state public funding for the creative community – before it hits the governor’s desk by the end of the month. It’s now up to the six legislators on the Conference Committee (Chairwoman Spilka (D-Ashland), Chairman Dempsey (D- Haverhill), Sen. DiDomenico (D- Everett), Sen. deMacedo (R- Plymouth), Rep. Kulik (D-Worthington), and Rep. Smola (R-Warren) to find common ground between the House budget for the Massachusetts Cultural Council of $12 million and the Senate budget of $14 million.

We need to send our legislators some love for standing up for the creative community and make sure they’re rallying around the Senate’s version of the budget, funding the MCC at $14 million.

Send a thank you to your senator and your representative, and ask them to encourage the Conference Committee to support the Senate's budget funding the Massachusetts Cultural Council at $14 million.


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