John Connolly's Creative Economy Platform

From John Connolly's page "Making Boston A Competitive Job Creator" on his website.

Nurturing The Creative Economy

With world-class museums and universities and our unique history, Boston is in a position to become a leader in the creative economy. The city can support artists by promoting public art and creating space for artists to create and sell their work. As mayor, I will promote efforts to ensure the availability of affordable loft and studio space and would work with artists' groups and nonprofits to create vibrant exhibit spaces and marketplaces throughout the city. 

As mayor, I will remove the red tape that stifles our creative economy. We will retain young talent and have a more vibrant culture as a city if we lift restrictions on businesses that provide space for arts and music. We must also remove barriers to mobile vendors and food trucks and expedite permitting for new restaurants and stores. 

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