House Approves Amendment for Increase in MCC Budget

I have good news to report from the State House. 

Monday night the House approved an amendment to erase the proposed $1.5 million cut in the MCC budget AND to add $1.5 million to the MCC budget. This vote increased the state's investment in the creative community more than 15% to a total of just over $11 million.

While it was not the $12.5 million we were shooting for, this increase during a tight economy is a significant step in the right direction as we work to rebuild the state investment in our work.

The needle moved because the creative community came together and sent a clear message to our political leaders that the arts and cultural community is a priority. 

  • The Grassroots Voice of the creative community was activated, sending more than 1,500 emails in 2 days to the legislature helping to recruit more than 100 co-sponsors to the Atkins Amendment.
  • MASSCreative's Action Network Steering Committee’s provided great leadership. They spearheaded outreach to representatives by hosting district meetings with legislators and making phone calls into the State House.
  • Representative Cory Atkins provided effective leadership inside the State House. While only chair of the Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development Committee since January, Rep. Atkins has quickly become a vocal and effective leader for our cause. She fought hard for us. 
  • The Local Cultural Councils and the staff and Board of the MCC eloquently advocated and organized for their valuable programs.

The House will vote later on this week to approve the whole budget and then we move to the Senate in the middle of May. We will continue to push the Senate to increase the MCC budget to $12.5 million. If the House and Senate numbers are different, then the two bodies will conference to come up with an agreed-upon allocation.

I look forward to our continued work together as we move on to the Senate.

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