Boston Globe: Mayor-elect Walsh’s rhetoric warms officials in arts sector

Working off his recent promises to bring revenue streams and a Cabinet-level commissioner to the arts community, this week, Mayor-elect Marty Walsh added 21 people to the arts and culture team of his transition committee. This represents the next phase in Walsh's commitment to the creative community in Boston.

Geoff Edgers writes in the Globe today about the progress Walsh has made toward becoming "a true partner and advocate in City Hall” to artists. Since election day, Walsh has continued to emphasize the importance of arts and culture in the city:

“The first thing I think it means is a real commitment to the arts in Boston,” said Walsh, “from the local artists in the neighborhood to the Museum of Fine Arts and the bigger institutions and somewhere in between. One group of people who have felt they’ve been left kind of out there, in the lurch, is the arts community. We’ve got a lot of great talented people in the city of Boston.”

Visit the Boston Globe to keep reading about Walsh and his advocacy in the arts community.


Photo credit: Jessica Rinaldi for the Boston Globe


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