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On March 1, the Healey Driscoll Administration released its inaugural state budget proposal which included $25 million for arts, culture, and creativity. This is a historic milestone: it is the largest amount ever recommended by a Massachusetts Governor. 

The FY24 budget process now moves to the legislature, first in the House and then in the Senate. Let's share our support for $25 million in FY24 with House and Senate leadership. Below is a letter we will send to Speaker Marinao, Senate President Spilka, Chair Michlewitz and Chair Rodrigues expressing our support. Read out letter and add your name below.

Dear Speaker Mariano, Senate President Spilka, Chair Michlewitz, and Chair Rodrigues: 

Thank you for your leadership and service to the people of the Commonwealth, as well as your continued support for the Massachusetts creative sector. In FY23, the Mass Cultural Council received $22.3M in the annual budget, approximately $3.28 per resident and 0.004% of the overall FY23 budget. In the last 10 years, artists, creatives, cultural organizations, and policymakers have worked together to steadily increase public investments in the creative economy - an economy that accounts for close to 4% of employment in the state and adds $23.7 billion in value

We are encouraged to see that Governor Healey included $25 million for the Mass Cultural Council in H.1, and that her administration understands the value of increasing state investments in the sector. This historic milestone represents an 11% increase in state support from last year’s budget. As you continue to work with your staffs and colleagues to prepare the House and Senate budgets, we encourage you, as we did the Healey Administration in our letter including 595 individual artist and cultural organization co-signers, to consider our long-term goal of reaching $5 per resident by allocating $35 million for the Mass Cultural Council, our state's arts agency.

​Massachusetts' creative and cultural economy has a powerful impact on our communities in myriad ways. The US Bureau of Economic Analysis rates the economic value of arts and cultural production in Massachusetts at $23.7 billion, more than retail and construction. Creative expression and cultural experiences - powered by the creative workforce - strengthen community bonds and pride of place. Young people, who have access to arts education in the classroom or through creative youth development programs, develop the creative thinking skills and social and emotional learning necessary to become resilient, innovative, and empathic leaders in the future.​ ​The Creative Sector is integral to Massachusetts' future success and achieving your vision of the Commonwealth. 

In a recent survey, most Massachusetts residents (65%) rated arts and cultural organizations as highly important. This was especially true for individuals with income below $50,000 (72%), who are more likely to seek out opportunities to process their emotions and heal or grieve through the arts. Given the outsized impact that the creative sector has on the daily lives of almost every resident of the Commonwealth, we are eager to see our value reflected in the FY24 state budget. By reaching $5 per resident, Massachusetts can ensure the benefits of a thriving creative sector,​ including social cohesion, economic vitality, and community development, are felt by everyone.

Governor Healey’s allocation of $25 million is an important next step in reaching our goal and we strongly support the increase.

As artists, cultural leaders, creative workers, and supporters, we thank you for your consideration, leadership, and service to the residents of the Commonwealth.


Members of the Creative and Cultural Community

We welcome sign-ons from individuals, organizations, and businesses and will collect signatures until the end of the day Tuesday March 28, 2023

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Ed Check
Jean-Pierre Pasche Art in the Orchard
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Michael Tautznik
Peggy Twardowski
Jean-Pierre Pasche Big Red Frame
Mary Ann Sherry
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