FY22 Budget Process

The FY22 Budget returns Massachusetts to a pre-covid budgeting process and MASSCreative anticipates the legislature will complete their budgeting cycle by the end of July 2021. Bookmark this page for updates on the status of the budget and ways to help advocate for substantial public support for arts, culture and creativity in Massachusetts.


Governor Baker’s January Budget 

(January 2021)

House Ways & Means Budget


House Budget


Senate Ways & Means Budget (5/11/21)

Senate Budget




FY22 Budget Signed by Governor Baker 


Mass Cultural Council $16.3M $20M $21.4M* $20M $20M $21.4M* $21.4M*

*$1,375,000 of the allocated amount are designated for specific projects through the earmark process and will not go towards grant programs or Mass Cultural Council operations. 

7/19/21: Governor Baker signs FY22 Budget - retains full arts and culture funding

On July 16, Governor Baker signed the Fiscal Year 2022 budget. The $47.6 billion spending plan includes the full $21.4 million Mass Cultural Council budget. The FY22 Mass Cultural Council budget includes:

  • $20 million for grants and agency operations.
  • $1.4 million in earmarks for specific projects.
    • including $1 million for organizations that focus on 1 or more Asian ethnicity and conduct cultural events, cultural education or cultural performances, with these funds being prioritized to entities who have been adversely affected by the 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic.

This is the highest state budget allocation since 2002 when the state allocated $19,144,688 to the Mass Cultural Council and it represents a $2 million increase over last year’s budget. 

Now we need to thank Governor Baker for retaining the full amount. Notes of thanks matter. They help reinforce that arts and cultural supporters are paying attention to the actions of lawmakers, they also make it clear that we understand the significance of increased support. In this unprecedented year, when our elected officials have had difficult decisions in front of them, it matters that they continue to support arts and culture for all Massachusetts residents.

7/9/21: FY22 Conference Committee Report Approved

On July 8 the Conference Committee released their budget report for review. The next day, the House and Senate unanimously voted to accept the report and send the FY22 Budget to Governor Baker for signature. Included in the final budget was $21.4 million towards the Mass Cultural Council. This is the largest public investment in arts and culture since Fiscal Year 2002 when the state allocated $19.1 million to the Mass Cultural Council, and it represents a $2 million increase over last year’s budget. 

The Governor will have 10 days to either sign, veto or line item veto the budget. If he vetoes or line item vetoes the budget, the Legislature will have to take an override vote to enact the their version of the budget. Take a moment to share your support for arts and culture for every resident of the Commonwealth with Governor Baker.

6/4/21: FY22 Budget Conference Committee Named

The next step of the budget process is upon us. On May 25th the Senate voted to approve their version of the FY22 Budget. The final version includes $20 million for arts and culture in Massachusetts through a budget allocation to the Mass Cultural Council. The Senate version does not include any earmarks for specific projects or organizations which means all $20 million will go towards grant programs and Mass Cultural Council operations.

On June 4th the House and Senate leadership appointment members to a Conference Committee. The task of the Conference Committee is to neogiate the differences between the House and Senate versions and present both chambers with a single version to pass and send to Governor Baker for signature. 

The members of the Conference Committee are: 

House Senate

Representative Aaron Michlewitz (D-Boston)
Chair of House Ways and Means

Senator Michael Rodrigues (D-Fall River)
Chair of Senate Ways and Means
Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante (D-Gloucester)
Vice Chair of House Ways and Means
Senator Cindy Friedman (D-Arlington)
Vice Chair of Senate Ways and Means
Representative Todd Smola (R-Warren)
Ranking Minority House Ways and Means
Senator Patrick O'Connor (R-Weymouth)
Ranking Minority Member Senate Ways and Means


5/11/21: Senate Ways and Means Releases Budget Recommendations

Great news: Today the Senate Ways and Means Committee, led by Chair Michael Rodrigues (D-Fall River) released their FY22 Budget recommendation, including $20 million for the Mass Cultural Council.  As we take the next step in budget advocacy we can celebrate that both the House and Senate Ways and Means Committees recommended $20 million for arts and culture in Massachusetts. 

Please take a moment to thank your State Rep, Senate President Spilka, Ways and Means Chair Rodrigues and Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development Chair Kennedy for increasing public support for arts and culture in Massachusetts.

4/29/21: House Budget Passed- $20M for arts and culture

The House took the next step in the annual State budget process. The $47.8B spending plan included a total of $21,375,000 - $20 million as requested by the Mass Cultural Council and $1,375,000 in specific earmarked funds for arts and cultural organizations. The $21.4M allocation represents the highest level of state arts funding in Massachusetts since 2002!

Please take a moment to thank your State Rep, Speaker Mariano, Ways and Means Chair Michlewitz and Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development Chair Fiola for supporting increased public support for arts and culture.

The budget now moves to the Senate Ways and Means Committee who will draft their version for debate. Check back here for more updates on the process.

4/14/21:House Ways and Means Budget released

The House Ways and Means Committee released their FY22 budget recommendation. Including $20 million for the Mass Cultural Council - the main source of public support for the arts and cultural sector in Massachusetts. 

While this is just one step in the budget process, a significant increase from the House is especially meaningful. Please take a moment to thank House Speaker Mariano, House Ways and Means Chair Michlewitz, Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development Chair Fiola and YOUR State Representative for increasing public investment in arts, culture and creativity. 


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