FY20 Leadership Letter to Rep. Michlewitz

Dear Chairman Aaron Michlewitz,

As the Conference Committee meets to negotiate differences between the House and Senate versions of the FY20 state budget, please support the Senate version in regards to the Mass Cultural Council (line item 0640-0300). This version funds the Mass Cultural Council at $18 million and includes language that will ensure that the state cultural agency will be able to continue to provide both grants and services to the creative community.

The combination of equitable public funding and services provided by the Mass Cultural Council allows cultural organizations and artists to create greater opportunities for all residents to experience creativity and to see their culture reflected in artistic expression.

As leaders of arts and cultural organizations in the 3rd Suffolk district, we see everyday the direct impact our sector has on the wellbeing of your constituents.

ArtsBoston’s Arts Factor 2019 reported that over 21 million people attended an arts event last year in Greater Boston. That’s over four times the number of people who’ve attended all major Boston sports events combined. Last year, in Greater Boston alone, arts and culture directly contributed $2 billion in economic impact and created 30K jobs, nearly equal to that of retail.

In addition to the economic impact, engagement in creative expression and cultural experiences breaks down barriers between communities, contributes to student success and is integral to social wellbeing.

The benefits the arts sector brings to our communities do not happen by accident. They are the result of strategic investments in Local Cultural Councils, working artists, cultural institutions, community groups, and youth programs by the Mass Cultural Council, which focuses on expanding equitable access to art for all residents.

Enclosed please find a fact sheet regarding the impact of the arts, culture and creativity in Massachusetts, a copy of the full Arts Factor 2019 report, an updated Mass Cultural Council funding list and further information regarding the programs Mass Cultural Council provides to organizations and individuals across the Commonwealth.


Catherine Peterson Emily Ruddock
Executive Director Interim Executive Director
ArtsBoston MASSCreative


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Jonathan Berk Patronicity
Open Door Arts Massachusetts Open Door Arts
Emma Weisberg GrubStreet
Anonymous Boston Strings Academy
sara Mraish-Demeter ARCKBoston
Kate Gilbert Now + There
Christopher Schroeder Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program
Lecolion Washington Community Music Center of Boston
Karthik Subramanian Company One Theatre
Anthony Trecek-King Boston Children's Chorus
Debra Cash Boston Dance Alliance
Gary Dunning Celebrity Series of Boston
Jamie Gahlon HowlRound Theatre Commons
Martha Walz Old South Meeting House
Julie McConchie
Paul Daigneault SpeakEasy Stage
Kate Huffman
Kate Huffman
Eileen Williston Boston Lyric Opera
Kerri Bowen Boston Shakespeare Project
Cathy Edwards New England Foundation for the Arts
Josiah Spaulding Boch Center
Gregory Ruffer Boston Center for the Arts
Bill Nigreen
Jeanne Dasaro The Art Connection
Craig Coogan Boston Gay Men's Chorus
Nina Zannieri Paul Revere Mem Assoc/Paul Revere House
Catherine Peterson ArtsBoston
Emily Lilienthal MASSCreative
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ARCKBoston endorsed 2019-06-19 17:00:55 -0400
Now + There endorsed 2019-06-19 16:41:42 -0400
Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program endorsed 2019-06-19 15:47:47 -0400
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