Cultural Facilities Fund Letter of Support

Dear Senate President Chandler, Speaker DeLeo, Chairwoman Spilka, and Chairman Sánchez,

From our world-class facilities to our neighborhood arts centers and community playhouses, arts and culture have connected communities and built a vibrant, thriving economy across the Commonwealth. Our cultural venues are often the anchor of a neighborhood, making our cities and towns exceptional places to live, work, play, and visit.

Yet every year, our cultural facilities continue to age. With hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, our venues are subject to wear and tear and ever-changing building codes, and require vigilance to make sure they are accessible to all.

Created by the Massachusetts Legislature in 2007, the Cultural Facilities Fund has helped restore many of our Commonwealth’s most treasured historical and cultural landmarks, and has helped fund visionary capital projects that revitalize our communities.

Over the past ten years, the demand for planning and development resources provided by the Cultural Facilities Fund has increased exponentially, outpacing supply. In a 2017 Massachusetts Cultural Council survey, 169 organizations reported $114 million in essential capital projects through 2019.

As part of the Economic Development Bond Bill, we request that the Legislature reauthorize the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund for five years at $75 million.

  • Investment builds the state’s creative community.
    Since its start in 2007, the Cultural Facilities Fund has awarded grants of $110 million to 853 projects across the Commonwealth. These grants benefit organizations of every size and every region of Massachusetts, support individual artists and arts education, and revitalize our downtowns.

  • Investment creates jobs and drives the economy.
    The arts and cultural organizations behind Cultural Facilities Fund projects employ more than 7,000 workers and generate $1.7 billion in annual economic activity through organizational spending. In addition, these projects have hired over 25,500 architects, engineers, contractors, and construction workers between 2007 and 2017.  

  • Investment increases tourism.
    More than 16 million people visit organizations receiving these grants annually. For every visitor to our cultural facilities, an additional $27.32 goes to the local economy, including restaurants and local businesses.

The Honorable John F. Keenan, Chair, Senate Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditure and State Assets
The Honorable Antonio Cabral, Chair, House Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditure and State Assets






Who's endorsing

Gary Christenson
Todd Deluca Greater Hyannis Chamber of Commerce
Patrick Norton Narrows Center for the Arts
Posie Haeger Featherstone Center for the Arts
Richard Wagner Northampton Community Arts Trust
Rosemary Gill/Zeiterion PAC/she,her Theatre, inc Zeiterion Performing Arts Center
Susan Wissler The Mount
Honee Hess Worcester Center for Crafts
Ryan Losey Boston Symphony Orchestra
Sebastien Laye Marine Biological Laboratory
Emily Lilienthal MASSCreative
Susan Briggs Williamstown Chamber of Commerce
Karen Heymann Mass Audubon
Carlo DeMaria
Beverly Rainey Ventfort Hall Assn., Inc
John Ravenal deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
Carl Nold Historic New England
Rich Kos City of Chicopee
Adam Davis Shakespeare & Company
Linda Tyer City of Pittsfield
Paul Grogan The Boston Foundation
Kim Driscoll
Carolyn Ryan Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
Thomas Ambrosino City of Chelsea
Brian Arrigo City of Revere
Maureen Sullivan Bedford Chamber of Commerce
Stephanie Burke City of Medford
Alex Guardiola Worcester Chamber of Commerce
Cherie Mittenthal Truro Center For The Arts At Castle Hill
Kerry Castorano Worcester Natural History Society, dba: EcoTarium
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endorsed 2018-08-01 08:50:24 -0400
Greater Hyannis Chamber of Commerce endorsed 2018-07-30 09:03:53 -0400
Narrows Center for the Arts endorsed 2018-07-20 08:56:38 -0400
Featherstone Center for the Arts endorsed via 2018-07-20 06:35:13 -0400
Northampton Community Arts Trust endorsed 2018-07-20 05:47:39 -0400
Zeiterion Performing Arts Center endorsed 2018-07-19 18:14:34 -0400
The Mount endorsed 2018-07-19 13:37:19 -0400
Worcester Center for Crafts endorsed 2018-07-18 16:00:55 -0400
Boston Symphony Orchestra endorsed 2018-07-18 10:58:59 -0400
Marine Biological Laboratory endorsed 2018-07-18 08:39:36 -0400
MASSCreative endorsed 2018-07-17 13:17:02 -0400
Williamstown Chamber of Commerce endorsed 2018-07-16 17:11:51 -0400
Mass Audubon endorsed 2018-07-16 10:34:50 -0400
endorsed 2018-07-16 08:27:28 -0400
Ventfort Hall Assn., Inc endorsed 2018-07-14 07:07:09 -0400
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum endorsed 2018-07-13 18:32:49 -0400
Historic New England endorsed 2018-07-13 13:54:36 -0400
City of Chicopee endorsed 2018-07-13 12:27:36 -0400
Shakespeare & Company endorsed 2018-07-13 12:04:25 -0400
City of Pittsfield endorsed 2018-07-13 10:08:33 -0400
The Boston Foundation endorsed 2018-07-13 09:40:46 -0400
endorsed 2018-07-12 17:29:57 -0400
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce endorsed 2018-07-12 15:48:24 -0400
City of Chelsea endorsed 2018-07-12 15:19:33 -0400
City of Revere endorsed 2018-07-12 14:50:02 -0400
Bedford Chamber of Commerce endorsed 2018-07-12 14:47:26 -0400
City of Medford endorsed 2018-07-12 12:20:58 -0400
Worcester Chamber of Commerce endorsed 2018-07-12 11:19:15 -0400
Truro Center For The Arts At Castle Hill endorsed 2018-07-12 11:13:18 -0400
Worcester Natural History Society, dba: EcoTarium endorsed 2018-07-12 11:05:08 -0400
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