Featured Member: Boston Gay Men’s Chorus: using music to heal

The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus is proud to be one of the inaugural members of MASSCreative. As a chorus we know that our voices are strong individually, but extraordinary, impactful and inspiring together. MASSCreative allows us to be part of the chorus of arts organizations making Massachusetts a leader in the arts.” —Craig Coogan, Executive Director of Boston Gay Men’s Chorus

   Photo: scarpettaphotography.com

When he performs as a member of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus (BGMC), Samuel Brinton’s is one of 175 voices that fill concert halls across the city and around the world. He stands shoulder to shoulder with other men who understand many of his joys and struggles. He feels part of a community.

He never thought this could happen. Because once upon a time, Brinton believed he was the only gay person in the world. Literally.

“I was told over and over that I was the only gay person in the world. That I had AIDS. That God hated me,” explains Brinton, recalling the years when he was subjected to so-called “conversion therapy” designed to “cure” him of being gay. Eventually, though, he came to a place of peace and acceptance and music, in particular, was a critical part of that journey. Today, as a member of Boston’s Gay Men Chorus, he feels whole again.

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