CTV Boston Policy Platform Endorsements

Arts and cultural organizations, artists, creative workers and supporters have joined together to endorse the Create the Vote Boston 2021 Policy Platform. 







Artists, Creative Workers, Arts Administrators and Supporters

Craig Coogan

Matt Chapuran

Daniel Callahan

Ruth Mercado-Zizzo

Kate Gilbert

Michelle Aguillon

Marian Taylor Brown

Norah Piehl

Antonio Ocampo-Guzman

Maggie Scott

Emily Foster Day

Catherine Giorgetti

Meg Winikates

Elena Morris

Melissa Ehlers

Catherine T. Morris

Cynthia Woo

Harold Steward

Gary Dunning

Charlayne Murrell-Smith

Ann Wicks

Karthik Subramanian

Abigail Norman

Bonnie McFarlane


Dawn Simmons

Alexandra Smith

Catherine Peterson

Kelley Chunn

Sara Brookner

Kelly Gifford

Gregory Ball

Eric Peterson

Peggy Fogelman

Julia Chase

Drita Luule Protopapa

Liliane Klein

Neo Gcabo Rauliz Paez Tamarez

Mercedes S Roman-Manson

Maya Velasquez

Stephen Smith

A. Nora Long

Aliza Franz

Betsy Hinkle

Christie Gibson

Aneesh Kumar

Kelley Chunn

Briana Jynelle Hampton


Rachel Panitch

Richard Wood

Eva Rosenberg

Lisa Jeanne Graf

Nikki Olusanya

Gregory Luiakos

Nicole Agois

Louise Hamill

Ana Masacote

Dan Shea

Debra Cash




Endorsement list as of July 14, 2021.

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