Invest in Our Cultural Facilities Campaign

On June 19, 2015 Governor Baker released his first capital spending plan, including $10 million for the Cultural Facilities Fund. This allocation comes on the heels of active statewide advocacy by the sector, mayors, and regional chambers of commerce, calling on the governor to invest in the repair and rebuilding of the Commonwealth’s cultural venues.

State cultural leaders stepped up to the plate, submitting videos of their facility projects and reaching out to municipal leaders for their support.

While not the $15 million the community asked for, the governor’s decision to keep the Cultural Facilities Fund as a major part of his capital plan is a solid statement to the effectiveness of the Fund and its ability to rebuild the Commonwealth's cultural venues and revitalize its downtowns. Last year, the Legislature gave the governor the authority to allocate $50 million to our cultural facilities over five years. Gov. Baker’s first allocation of $10 million is on track to make full use of those funds.

The demand for Cultural Facilities Fund grants greatly outweighs the funds that are available. In 2014, 198 cultural organizations reported that they had $448 million in capital expense needs through 2017.

In 2016, MASSCreative continues to work with Governor Baker and his administration to elevate the role that arts and culture play in building a vibrant Commonwealth. In preparation for Governor Baker's annual allocation in June of 2017, MASSCreative looks forward to working with you to advocate for the increased investment that matches the needs of the creative community. 





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