Share why Arts Matter to you in the governor's race!


Right now the candidates for governor of Massachusetts are discussing how to best strengthen our economy, improve our schools, and make communities healthier and safer. Arts matter in Massachusetts and they should be part of the discussion.

We need to show that Massachusetts voters care about the arts!

Share your Arts Matter Story and join us for Arts Matter Days, September 12 and October 24.


Share your Arts Matter Story

We invite you, as executive directors, working artists, and arts supporters to be a part of the discussion. We all have stories of why arts matter to each of us. We need to share those stories to show that art isn’t just nice but necessary.

Share Your Arts Matter Story with us with a photo or short video. And check out our growing gallery of Arts Matter videos and photos.


Check out this video from James Grace executive director of the Arts & Business Council on why Arts Matter to him, and why arts should matter in the governor's race:


Join us for Arts Matter Days

As a way to give organizations and supporters a chance to share their story and engage in campaign actions, we’re holding two Arts Matter Days, on September 12 and October 24.

We have dozens of organizations who have pledged to take action, either though a traditional route in reaching out to supporters through email, curtain speeches, and programs; or through a more creative route by pulling together a unique event like a mural or performance.

Email Tracie at [email protected] if you’re interested in having your organization take part in Arts Matter Days. 


Check out our Arts Matter ad, and email Drew at [email protected] if you'd like a print or web copy.


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