CTV 2020 Vote-By-Mail Social


The COVID-19 pandemic has made in-person voting a risk to many. We encourage our community to #CreateTheVote by using mail-in voting, to protect not only your health, but also to protect the health of those around you. If voting-by-mail is new to you, check out this FAQ to answer all your burning questions!

Have you made your plan to #CreateTheVote? With vote-by-mail serving as the ever-more safe way to cast your ballot, we encourage you to check on your applications and send your ballots in on time. This flowchart can guide you through the process!



Voting by mail seems complicated, but it doesn't have to be! This FAQ answers all your burning questions, from when you need to send it in to how to ensure your ballot is counted.

As Massachusetts sends out its mail-in ballot applications, we encourage you to develop your plan to vote. This flowchart will guide you smoothly through the process, from receiving your application to making sure your vote counts.

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