Create the Vote 2017


Elevating Arts, Culture, and Creativity in Elections in MA

Elections are a time for candidates and voters to discuss the strengths and challenges of our towns and cities. It is also the time where we as a society can openly debate our vision for our communities and think about what is possible.

While arts and culture play a role in our local economies, our educational systems, and in the vibrancy of our neighborhoods and downtowns, candidates often times do not include arts and culture as part of their platform or vision.

Seeing the need to make arts and culture part of the discussion, MASSCreative has launched Create the Vote 2017, a nonpartisan public education campaign to raise awareness and support for arts, culture, and creative expression. With active Mayoral and City Council races in more than 40 cities across the Commonwealth, this non-partisan initiative will highlight the role that arts and culture play in educating our students, building vibrant neighborhoods, and strengthening local economies.

As Massachusetts faces the prospect of cuts in state and federal funding for the arts, Create the Vote 2017 will focus more intently on growing local investment in our arts organizations. The role that arts and culture plays in our local economies, in student education, and in strengthening our communities will be a critical part of the political debate in municipal elections.

Create the Vote 2017 encourages candidates to develop dynamic cultural policies that support the arts and creative expression and integrate these programs into the thinking of city government. Create the Vote 2017 engages in broad-based public education by holding public meetings with candidates, artists, and cultural leaders, and publicizing candidates’ answers to a questionnaire about the arts.

A recent analysis by the National League of Cities (NLC), shows that mayors across the country view arts and culture as an important economic driver that is worthy of investment. NLC’s 2017 State of the Cities report analyzes and catalogues the top issues articulated by U.S. mayors in their annual State of the City speeches. Predictably, economic development topped the list of the mayors’ priorities. Breaking down that issue, NLC noted that arts and culture was one of the top five economic subsets—along with job creation, business attraction, downtown development and employment—that mayors identified as important or of interest in the growth of their cities.

 Create the Vote 2017 Locations:

Create the Vote 4th Middlesex

Create the Vote Bristol and Norfolk

Create the Vote Barnstable

Create the Vote Boston

Create the Vote Brockton

Create the Vote Cambridge

Create the Vote Framingham

Create the Vote Franklin

Create the Vote Holyoke

Create the Vote Lowell

Create the Vote Lynn

Create the Vote Newton

Create the Vote Springfield

Create the Vote Somerville

Create the Vote Worcester


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