Create the Vote Melrose Toolkit

On November 5, Melrose voters will decide who will represent them in city hall. These are the leaders that make decisions that impact our everyday lives on the local level. Because elections are our chance to stand up for what matters to us, we believe arts and culture should be part of the conversation, too.

Let's engage the candidates about the connection between their priorities and arts, culture, and creativity.

Here’s what YOU can do to elevate arts and culture in the conversation and show that you’re an Arts Voter:

number-1.png RaiseyourArtsVoice.png

Raise your Arts Voice! Show the candidates you care about arts and culture by asking them online and in person about their positions on arts, culture, and creativity.


Write a Letter to the Editor. Letters to the editor are an easy way to get media coverage on arts and politics in one of the most widely read pages in the newspaper.


Celebrate #ArtsMatterDay Oct 25. Ask the candidates to join hundreds of artists, organizations, and arts supporters for an online celebration of arts, culture, and creative expression by sharing why arts matter to them.


Turn Out the Arts Vote! Let’s show the candidates that the creative community is a voting block they should care about.


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