Candidate Sit-down Meeting

Create the Vote Sit-Down Meeting with CANDIDATE



Goals of the Meeting:

  • For the candidate to hear stories from the creative community about the impact of arts and culture in the district.
  • Impress on the candidate that the State House needs champions of the arts.
  • For representatives of the creative community to hear from the candidate about his/her views and positions on arts, culture and creativity.
  • To present a passionate and professional face of the creative community.
  • To develop a relationship with the candidate, so that if/when s/he becomes the next Mayor s/he will look to Create the Vote to help develop and implement their program. (internal goal)


  • Agenda Overview, Create the Vote Overview – (7)
  • Introductions by attendees – 3-4 minute each to tell narrative on your individual story, the institutions story, focusing on 1-2 key points you want the candidate to take away. (15)
  • Time for Candidate to respond (10)
  • Question and Answer (20)

Attendees need to prepare:

  • Review candidate’s questionnaire
  • 3-4 minute intro
  • At least one question for Q and A session
  • Bring your business card and organizational materials to give to the candidate
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