Ed Moynihan's Response to the Arts & Culture Questionnaire

  1. How would you engage the creative community to drive economic development and build social capital in our neighborhoods and throughout the city?

    I believe that as city councilor I need to be appreciative of the hard work and commitment of the artists that work to practice their craft. I need to keep the lines of communication open between the neighborhoods and the art community to find opportunities to bring them together.
  2. What revenue sources will you create or use to increase the city’s investment in the creative community?

    I will continue to support the city manager’s budget for the arts and support continued efforts to secure grants for art projects in the City.
  3. What will you do to support arts education in the city’s schools and in our community?

    I will attend and promote events related to the arts, especially those created by young people. With the WAM and Burncoat in the district, we will have ample opportunity to highlight the creative spirit among young people in the district. I will seek ways to recognize the student achievement on the floor of the council. I will support the administration’s education budget and ask that the school committee seek ways to increase the budget for the Arts.
  4. Worcester is fortunate to have leadership in its administration that supports public art throughout the city. Would you support a Percent for Art program for state and local development projects?

    In general, I would be supportive of the Percent for Arts program that will promote a pro-Worcester approach with developers.
  5. How would you use the arts and culture community to build connections that maintain and support the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity that makes Worcester a truly creative city for all?

    This will require the work of community outreach and inclusion. It could be done through the comprehensive long-term plan. A key feature of building these plans is pulling together all of the stakeholders in the city and taking seriously the needs that they bring to the table. The art community and neighborhoods need to part of that process. I am committed to seeing that process through and advocate for inclusion of the artistic community.
  6. What will you do to provide more affordable housing and work spaces for artists?

    We should identify certain buildings that can used for artistic live work spaces and work with planning and zoning to create an art hub. I would like to look at historic buildings to see if they can be re-purposed for artist’s spaces.
  7. The Worcester Cultural Coalition Needs Assessment demonstrates the current supply of space does not meet the demand of the arts community. What steps will you take to address this problem?

    I think we need to find a medium-sized theatre space, à la Foothills. It needs to be downtown. I would like to work with the city manager and others to find that venue. Again, the answer to this question requires open lines of communication and a recognition of needs and possible solutions.
  8. What personal experience with arts, culture and creativity have your participated in over the last year?

    I have connected to the arts through my children, as they have participated in theatre and chorus. They have acted at Foothills Theatre, Calliope Productions and Burncoat Theatre. They have sung with the Burncoat Quadrivium. My daughter has participated in the Joy of Music Program. I have witnessed how POW! WOW! has transformed the image of city. I witnessed a young girl, maybe 10 years old, have her picture taken in front of the “ILOVEYOUMARRYME” mural on the wall of the DCU on Commercial Street. When I informed that mother, after finding out she was from Taunton, that there were nine others downtown, the young girl yelled out, “I want pictures of all of them!” At that moment, I realized she would think of Worcester as a place of art and magic. It was transformative. That is the power of art. In addition, I was able to support more art access for children of Main South by purchasing the art work of a local artist.
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