Khrystian King's Response to the Arts & Culture Questionnaire

  1. How would you engage the creative community to drive economic development and build social capital in our neighborhoods and throughout the city?

    It’s important to continue to build relationships and coalitions with members of the creative community and identify ways we can enhance the economic development in city. In fact, the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 study found the arts and culture industry in Greater Worcester generates $125 million in economic activity a year, resulting in $9.9 million in state and local revenue. The creative community has contributed to Worcester’s economy; we need to build on that success.
  2. What revenue sources will you create or use to increase the city’s investment in the creative community?

    I support the Fair Share Amendment, a ballot question that would increase income taxes for individuals earning more than $1,000,000, and use the revenue to invest in education, including the arts.
  3. What will you do to support arts education in the city’s schools and in our community?

    Every child has a right to a public education. Our children need more than just math, reading, science and social studies, but arts, and physical education. I support increasing funding in the city budget to fund a comprehensive arts education in our public schools.
  4. Worcester is fortunate to have leadership in its administration that supports public art throughout the city. Would you support a Percent for Art program for state and local development projects?

    Yes, I support the Percent for Art Program.
  5. How would you use the arts and culture community to build connections that maintain and support the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity that makes Worcester a truly creative city for all?

    The key to increasing diversity in the arts and making sure we are inclusive to all neighborhoods and cultures lies in our approach to planning and design process as it relates to the development of our city. We must be intentional in our approach to building a thriving artistic community that celebrates all cultures. I look forward to working with the Cultural Coalition to make this happen.
  6. What will you do to provide more affordable housing and work spaces for artists?

    The City of Worcester offers work space and exhibit space at the Higgins Armory, Worcester PopUp and Creative Hub to name a few. I support expanding the scope of space available into new venues.
  7. The Worcester Cultural Coalition Needs Assessment demonstrates the current supply of space does not meet the demand of the arts community. What steps will you take to address this problem?

    I would be happy to meet with the Worcester Cultural Coalition to seek guidance on the what type of space is needed for performing, rehearsing and showcasing Worcester’s most talented residents. I would like to work together to formulate a plan to identify available space.
  8. What personal experience with arts, culture and creativity have your participated in over the last year?

    My daughter, Alexandra, performs and acts in local and nationwide productions – both stage and film. She works extremely hard to hone her craft, while going to school full time. It is a joy to watch her perform.
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