Ann Beauregard's Response to the Arts and Culture Questionnaire

1.Your personal connection
How has your personal experience with arts, culture, or creativity had an impact on your life and your view of the community?

Fuller Craft Museum, Driscoll Art Gallery and lately some of the activities at 33 Dover Street have let me enjoy some of the great stuff that you would normally get to see more in a huge city. I have attended lots of the festivals over the past 20 years and have really loved the food, music and dance. Attend Massasoit Theatre performances but wish they had more. The Symphony in the city is terrific too.

2. Arts & Culture in Brockton
Brockton is home to a mix of arts and cultural organizations.  What is your story about the impact of a local arts or cultural institution in our city?

There is not enough local cultural activities because they cost lots of money and there is no longer a position in the city to work on grants for these programs. A real tragedy. The next best thing was a wonderful group of people that were part of a group called CAED (cultural arts and economic development) that made for a great amount of communication that is missing. Too bad it ended because we were going to launch a little magazine highlighting all the performances and art exhibits and festivals. 

3. Addressing City-wide Issues
What are specific examples of how the arts, culture, and creative community can help solve social problems?  What are your ideas about how the creative community can drive economic development in Brockton?

Not sure if art or music can solve the problems but between poetry and performances they might get people together and allow for a different perspective on things. There is a gentleman doing a play at Messiah Baptist Church on Saturday the 30th about what's happening today. If we had more of an outlet I believe more people would know about it. I also heard that there is a "Brockton People's Museum" and an Immigrant Series taking place that educates people in a more entertaining environment and that certainly helps open more lines of understanding. Economically it would be a real advantage for the city to promote more of what it has what it is working on. The best person I know for that is Alison Van Dam the vice president of the MetroSouth Chamber of Commerce and she has done plenty over the years. Once again it is so sad that we no longer have CAED.

4. Arts Education and Programs for Our Youth
What is your stance on the importance of arts education in schools? Do you support funding of the Creative Challenge Index? The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has pledged to update the Commonwealth's art education curriculum (last updated in 1999) as well as report on access and participation in arts education in school districts. How will you support arts education in the Brockton Public Schools, in the face of never-ending underfunding?

I know that arts in schools necessary for all kids always. It allows for expression for learning for self-esteem and it can never be underestimated how valuable programs of this nature are to a well-rounded education. I know that over the years so many cuts have been made at the state level to deprive communities of these essential programs. I keep posted with MASSCreative and always call my legislators at budget time to mention how they should vote. I will always vote to keep art in schools and that means coloring books to music to plays.

5. Partnerships with the Creative Community
How would you promote public-private partnerships to support the Brockton creative community?

I always work with grant programs, write some myself, and connect with businesses and their foundations and local operations to support events that display the talent that is Brockton. I write letters to acquire funds and meet with donors. I won't stop anytime soon. 

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