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MASSCreative Congratulates Governor Charlie Baker

Artists and cultural groups look forward to working with new governor

BOSTON, November 5, 2015—MASSCreative congratulates Gov.-Elect Charlie Baker, and looks forward to working with him to strengthen the Commonwealth’s arts and cultural sectors. MASSCreative also thanks gubernatorial candidates Martha Coakley, Evan Falchuk, and Jeff McCormick for participating in conversations about arts and culture in the Commonwealth throughout the campaign. Send Governor-Elect Baker a note of congratulations.

“We look forward to working with Gov.-Elect Charlie Baker to build a more vibrant and connected Commonwealth. We are excited for this new opportunity to find ways to integrate the arts with important state priorities including education, economic development, transportation, housing, and environmental affairs,” said MASSCreative Executive Director Matt Wilson. “It’s a bold leadership opportunity to bring Massachusetts to the forefront of state investment in the arts, which reaps benefits across all sectors of society.”

Throughout the 2014 electoral season, in an unprecedented statewide campaign for arts advocacy, MASSCreative led Create the Vote, a coalition of artists, and arts, cultural, and creative institutions. Create the Vote engaged gubernatorial and legislative candidates in discussions about the impact of arts and culture on the Commonwealth by asking the candidates to fill out an arts questionnaire, hosting sit-down meetings with the candidates in every region of the state, and publicizing information about the candidates’ position on the arts through social media, email blasts, and press releases.

On July 15, the Create the Vote Coalition hosted the historic Gubernatorial Forum on Arts, Culture, and Creativity, the first-ever gubernatorial debate about arts and culture. The Forum was held at The Hanover Theatre in Worcester and attended by 500 artists, cultural leaders, and members of the public. Candidates Don Berwick, Attorney General Martha Coakley, Evan Falchuk, Mark Fisher, Treasurer Steve Grossman, and Jeff McCormick answered questions from moderator Joyce Kulhawik and arts leaders from around the state. A video of the Forum is available here.

MASSCreative also hosted two Arts Matter Days during the campaign, on Sept. 12 and Oct. 24, which saw participation from 450 arts and cultural organizations around the state who shared stories with candidates via, video, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and live performance, about why arts matter in Massachusetts.

“The governor’s race was a conversation about the myriad of ways in which we can work as a Commonwealth to strengthen our economy, improve our schools, and make our communities healthier and safer. Arts matter in Massachusetts and for the first time ever, they were a part of this discussion,” said Wilson. “We are excited to build on this success over the next four years with Gov.-Elect Baker.”


Founded in 2012, MASSCreative works with creative leaders and entrepreneurs, working artists, arts educators, and arts and cultural supporters to empower creative organizations and the public with a powerful voice to advocate for the resources and support necessary to build vibrant and connected communities.


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Today’s guest post comes from Laurie M. Werner, Director of Advancement for the Berkshire Museum. Laurie has nearly 20 years’ experience in management and development for nonprofit cultural institutions, and holds a Ph. D. in Economics. This past year, the Berkshire Museum has been participating in the “Arts Matter” and “Create the...

[Photo by Michael Dwyer, via Associated Press]  Arts Matter Day makes headlines  On Arts Matter Day, arts and culture burst onto the political scene. The creative community's day of action grabbed headlines and inspired the media and the political community to cover arts in the gubernatorial race.  WBUR ArteryMaureen Dezell's...

 Candidates celebrate Arts Matter Day  On Friday, October 24, the creative community made their voice heard, earning attention from gubernatorial candidates and the media.   In celebration of Arts Matter Day, gubernatorial candidates Charlie Baker, Martha Coakley, Evan Falchuk, and Jeff McCormick all made strides in elevating arts and culture...

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It’s really true: “The governor’s race was a conversation about the myriad of ways in which we can work as a Commonwealth to strengthen our economy, improve our schools, and make our communities healthier and safer.”

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#clermontdesigns is CELEBRATING #artsmatterday With creativity comes living in a moment of completness, happiness, and giving a gift to others that fullfills my purpose in LIFE. -Clermont Designs PLEASE SHARE #ARTSMATTERDAY OCTOBER 24, 2014
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Happy Tonics, Inc. stands behind ARTS MATTER because through MASSCreative and grant from LCC Fitchburg Cultural Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council, a team of nonprofits were able to teach environnmental arts in two underserved neighborhoods in Fitchburg, MA

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