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left-bracket.png From Springfield to Salem: Arts Matter right-bracket.png

With over 200 groups participating in the Arts Matter Day festivities on October 24th, the creative community is positioned to prove that the arts matter here in Massachusetts.

The growing support for the “Arts Matter” movement sends a clear message that Massachusetts is serious about raising the profile of arts and culture during election season.

In the next week the community will be buzzing with activity: performing arts organizations will give curtain speeches before their shows, cultural institutions will host special Arts Matter Day events, artists will create original artwork, and the myriad of arts and cultural experiences in the Commonwealth will be highlighted as part of a statewide movement to show candidates that arts matter.

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"Arts matter - they matter to me, and they to Massachusetts"

- Malcolm Rogers, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Arts Matter Day is just one week away, and we want to hear why the arts matter to YOU. Join your colleagues from around the Commonwealth by contributing to the cross-sector discussion about arts and culture in the upcoming elections.

Check out our roundup of this week’s featured Arts Matter videos:


In the Museum of Fine Arts’ video, Ann and Graham Gund Director Malcolm Rogers highlights the influence of arts and culture in forming Massachusetts’ identity.

"Arts matter because Massachusetts is a national home of creativity. To attract talent in the city, we need great cultural institutions. They are a magnet. Arts matter most of all because they are the lifeblood of our community, right across the state, from the Clark Institute in Western Massachusetts to the MFA here in Boston. Arts matter, they matter to me, and they matter in Massachusetts."

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Before you vote:
See what your candidates are saying about arts & culture


MASSCreative has received a growing number of responses to our arts and cultural questionnaire from candidates running for Massachusetts State House and Senate seats. Some candidates have already sat down with MASSCreative and local arts and cultural leaders in their districts.

With Election Day fast approaching, it’s essential that voters and candidates continue to talk about the arts in the same way they talk about jobs, education, and the economy. The candidates’ questionnaire responses demonstrate that they understand how the arts can be used as a tool to address issues across sectors in their own districts.

Read the latest responses for yourself and stay tuned as they continue to come in.

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 left-bracket.png  Energizing your Local Cultural Council  right-bracket.png

Back in the summer, we highlighted the work of Jean Mineo and the Medfield Cultural Council in securing municipal funding to supplement their state arts grants. (Such a deal: Arts & culture for 35 cents a person) The victory in Medfield and others like it are critical to the future of the arts community in Massachusetts.

Join MASSCreative, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the Medfield and Medford Cultural Councils for a Municipal Funds Webinar and learn how other local cultural councils can encourage their towns to step up and support the arts.

Municipal Funds Webinar


Thursday, October 23
Online via ReadyTalk
RSVP here to receive your access link

Jean Mineo, Medfield Cultural Council
Maria Daniels, Medford Cultural Council
Tracie Konopinski, MASSCreative
Host: Jennifer Atwood, Massachusetts Cultural Council

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left-bracket.png  Election Day draws near, candidates talk arts & culture  right-bracket.png

In four weeks, Massachusetts voters will choose the members of the Legislature for the next two years and our next governor for the next four. As voters, we have an opportunity to elect state representatives, state senators, and a governor who will bolster arts, culture, and creativity in the Commonwealth.

Last month, MASSCreative sent out the Create the Vote Questionnaire to candidates running for State House and Senate seats on November 4th. The response has been encouraging. Many candidates from across the Commonwealth recognize the role arts and culture play in their districts.

Check out the responses to get an idea of where your candidate stands on the issues. Here's what came in this week:

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[photo: Leonardo March]

left-bracket.pngFrom activist street bands to symphony orchestras: Arts Matterright-bracket.png 

This message is spreading: arts matter in Massachusetts and should matter in our state elections. Our collective voice in the creative community is also growing. Over 180 groups have pledged to take action in the campaign, helping the Create the Vote coalition build a true grassroots movement.



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left-bracket.png  Arts Matter videos of the week  right-bracket.png

Everyday, we’re seeing new Arts Matter videos pop up. With each new face, each new story, we’re continuing a conversation about arts, culture, and creativity in the Commonwealth. It’s important that we show candidates that the arts are not just nice – they are necessary! Keep spreading your favorites and make your own – it’s easy!

Here’s our roundup of this week’s Arts Matter videos:


Gary Dunning, executive director of Celebrity Series of Boston imparts a clear message:
“Arts are not a cultural nicety; they are an economic and education necessity.”

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left-bracket.png  Join the conversation online  right-bracket.png

You - leaders, supporters, and patrons of the creative community - are turning #ArtsMatterDay into an all-day, all-out celebration of arts, culture, and creativity in the Commonwealth. And leading up to October 24, MASSCreative is building the buzz around the events that all of you are concocting statewide. Use our Arts Matter Partners Map to find all the activities from all the groups getting involved. Each pin on the map represents a different group taking action on October 24. And there’s still time to add yours. See our Arts Matter Day toolkit for all the resources.

First, there’s something easy you can do: support our Thunderclap campaign to help amplify our collective voice on #ArtsMatterDay. When you sign on, your message will be added to a growing number of messages from supporters, and on October 24, we’ll broadcast these message through a simultaneous, timed blast via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, taking social media by storm.
The best part? The message is coming from you: the creative community.

Join our Facebook event page to receive updates and talk with your friends in the community about what you’re doing to celebrate #ArtsMatterDay. We want to hear from YOU.

And don’t forget to check out our #ArtsMatterDay Storify. Updated whenever new content hits our newsfeeds, our Storify is a collection of everything Massachusetts residents have been doing using the hashtag #ArtsMatter. If you look carefully, you might find your own post in all the action!

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left-bracket.png  Arts Buzz  right-bracket.png

WGBH: Arts Isn’t Nice, It’s Necessary
In an op-ed for WGBH, our executive director Matt Wilson drops facts and figures about the impact of arts and culture in Massachusetts.

“The statistics are compelling. Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Massachusetts support more than 45,000 jobs and spend $2.1 billion annually. Every dollar spent by an arts and cultural organization generates $2.30 in sales for nearby businesses, which results in another $2.5 billion of economic activity.”  Read the whole piece over at WGBH.

LGBTs: Think about the arts when you go to vote
Craig Coogan, the executive director of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus and MASSCreative’s Matt Wilson collaborated for their latest op-ed in the Rainbow Times, encouraging Massachusetts voters to vote with the arts in mind on November 4th. 

“Art does something else that is impossible to put a price on: it builds community. We in the LGBT community know this isn’t nice—it’s necessary. Whether we are talking about theater, music, poetry, painting, or other media, art is―and always has been―a critical part of the LGBT experience.”

To read their op-ed in full, click here.


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left-bracket.png  Register and #RockTheVote  right-bracket.png

The deadline to register to vote in Massachusetts is October 15th!  Don’t forget to register so that your voice can be heard on November 4th. We know you're going to the voting booth with a lot of issues in mind. We're asking you to add arts to that list.

If you have any questions about how to register, check out this link from William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Also, if you need a little push to get to the voting booth, check out the latest video from the Rock the Vote campaign featuring everyone from Lena Dunham to Lil Jon. 

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