Boston Community Preservation Act Sample Email

Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day.

In addition to voting for who will represent you in the White House, Congress, and the State Legislature, Boston voters also have the chance to vote for the Community Preservation Act.

YOUR ORGANIZATION has joined MASSCreative and the Yes for a Better Boston coalition in encouraging the arts and cultural community to Vote Yes on Question 5.

By generating funds for historic preservation projects, Boston’s Community Preservation Act (CPA) will directly benefit the many cherished arts and cultural institutions that are housed in designated historic landmarks--such as the Boston Center for the Arts in the South End and Hibernian Hall, the center of arts and culture in Roxbury. By voting Yes on Question 5, Boston voters can support CPA, a tool to build a more vibrant, healthy, and equitable Boston by creating more affordable housing, building better parks and playgrounds, and preserving historic buildings.

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