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On Monday, May 18 Gov. Baker and the Reopening Advisory Board will be releasing their guidelines for reopening the Massachusetts economy using a four-phase approach, based on public health guidance.

Analyzing this four-phase approach, many arts and cultural venues will not be able to safely open until Phase III or IV. In order for the creative industries to survive this public health pandemic and safely reopen, we need the support of federal, state, and municipal governments.

Look out for an upcoming Action Alert on Monday, May 18 that you can sign and share with your networks. The action alert will outline MASSCreative's recommendations for how decision-makers can support the arts & cultural sector's needs to safely reopen, including:

  • Clear discipline & venue specific guidelines for reopening
    • The creative sector needs clear guidance on reopening phases and timing. These guidelines need to be adapted for the various arts disciplines and venues. 
  • Access to PPE, sanitation supplies & contact tracing protocols
    • The arts and cultural sector needs access to PPE, sanitation supplies, and contract tracing protocols that will allow for the protection of patrons, staff, artists, and audiences.
  • Need for sustained financial support through full reopening
    • In order for the creative industries to survive until they can safety reopen in Phase III or IV, arts and cultural organizations, artists, and independent contractors need to be included in all government stimulus, emergency funding, and economic recovery efforts.
  • Coordinated State & Municipal Messaging Campaign
    • When it is safe for the creative sector to hold traditional in-person events and restaurants to fully reopen, building public trust will be necessary in order to bring residents and tourists back to our state and cities and downtowns. Messaging campaigns coordinated by the State and Municipalities will help rebuild this public trust and bring back the arts, restaurants, and retail as drivers of the local economy.
Tips for preparing to share our Action Alert on Monday, May 18
  • Schedule time and space in your:
    • Social media calendar
    • Upcoming newsletter
    • Email calendar
  • Use MASSCreative's outreach toolkit. This will include templates for newsletter, email, social media posts, and graphics. 
  • Let us know what additional tools would be helpful in your outreach. We'll do our best to pull something together that everyone can use. Email Tracie at [email protected].
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