COVID-19 Advocacy: Share your economic impact story

Current Surveys

Mass Cultural Council Covid-19 Economic Impact Survey IV will continue to document and understand the economic impact of COIVD-related closures and cancellations on creative individuals and cultural nonprofits. The data is invaluable to our shared advocacy efforts to federal, state and local decision makers. This survey is for both individual artists and creative workers as well as arts and cultural organizations. The survey closes Friday October 30, 2020

Americans for the Arts has been fielding a national survey to capture the ongoing economic loss associated with COVID-19 and social distancing advisories. This survey and the online dashboard are critical tools to make the case to state and federal decision-makers to include artists and cultural organizations in COVID-19 relief legislation. 

Take Americans for the Arts’ National Economic Impact Survey

Take the COVID-19 Impact Survey for Artists and Creative Workers

Data from Past Surveys:

Mass Cultural Council polled Massachusetts’ cultural sector amid COVID-19 from March 16-22 and again April 4-14. Over both polling periods, nearly 700 cultural organizations reported a loss of more than $264M in revenue over both reporting periods. From March 16-22, 595 individual artists and independent teaching artists/humanists/scientists reported a total of more than $2.89M in lost personal income during the first polling period. 

MA Cultural Organizations Report More than a Quarter Billion in Revenue Loss and 1000s of Jobs Impacted by COVID-19

New England Museum Association (NEMA) designed a survey to share with other museum associations and the field, to gather information about the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on museums’ economic and educational plans; specifically losses in revenue, employment, and educational opportunities.  

NEMA's Report on Early Impacts from COVID-19


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