Write to your School Committee and Superintendent

Letter Template

Dear School Committee/Superintendent __________,

As as parent/teacher/student, I care deeply about students’ learning and mental health during [insert town/city name]'s recovery. Students are at the center of this crisis – facing everything from obstacles to learning, increased homelessness, food shortages and increased mental health challenges. Our students and economy need to heal, and arts education is critical to the solution.

We know the economic devastation caused by COVID-19 will translate into hard decisions for you in the months ahead. Whether through virtual or physical classrooms, providing a comprehensive arts education is integral for our students.

The arts are key to the healing, learning, and resiliency of our students. If cuts are unavoidable, we would like to ensure that reductions to the arts are not disproportionate to other Common Core recommendations. We continue to offer our support and partnership, and to stand in solidarity with students, parents and teachers as they navigate this difficult time. 

The Arts for All Coalition has put forth COVID-19 Arts Education Policy Recommendations and have been advocating for the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and its Return-to-School Working Group to include arts education in their  K-12 summer and fall restart and recovery plan.

[Blurb about local advocacy efforts if relevant]

As we imagine what the future holds, there are a few things that we can confidently say. The arts will be fundamental in addressing the needs of our students and families affected by the traumatic experiences unfolding. Together, we can ensure that our students have the tools necessary to navigate the challenging times ahead and are prepared for a dynamic 21st century workforce.




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Town-by-town contact information for School Committees and Superintendents

Schools at-risk for losing arts education teachers and funding during COVID-19

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