May 5 Policy & Action Review

We know there’s a lot of information and resources coming to you through email, social media, and the internet. In an effort to simplify and fulfill MASSCreative’s mission to interpret arts & cultural policy into action, we bring you this new weekly Policy & Action Review. Look out for these updates in your inbox at the start of your week.


Virtual Policy & Action Updates


Every Friday at 9:45-10am, Emily and I host MASSCreative’s COVID-19 Virtual Policy & Action Updates. These 15-minute updates are meant to provide you with what you need to know about COVID-19 policy advocacy and actions you can take to support the creative community.

Check out MASSCreative’s May 1 Policy & Action Update

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Top Policy Update


Last week, Gov. Baker announced the formation a Reopening Advisory Board to guide the reopening of the MA economy. MASSCreative staff quickly mobilized to circulate a letter to arts & cultural leaders and individuals asking the Reopening Advisory Board to tap the talents and expertise of the creative community in forming their guidelines.

The letter garnered 650+ signatures and was cited in a Boston Globe editorial calling for a broader group of diverse leaders to advise the board on reopening the MA economy, including the arts.

Read the MASSCreative Letter to Gov. Baker and the Reopening Advisory Board

Read the Boston Globe’s editorial ‘Baker advisory panel is just the first step’


Top Action Update


As you know, media shapes public opinion and defines what is important. An easy way to share your point of view and quickly respond to the news is to write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper.  

Check out MASSCreative’s Letter to the Editor templates

Check out MASSCreative’s Tips to Writing a Letter to the Editor


Some Good News


The creative community is playing a vital role during this public health emergency. Our neighbors are actively relying on arts and creativity to get through weeks of stay-at-home orders with movies, books, and free online arts classes and cultural events. And the creative community is doing what it does best--using our talents to problem solve and innovate, and play our part in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week, we’d like to spotlight Artisan’s Asylum for pivoting their work and space to producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including surgical grade face shields, face masks, and hospital gowns.  

Read MASSCreative’s blog post on Artisan’s Asylum


So mark your calendars for every Friday from 9:45-10am and look out for this Policy & Action Review in your inbox at the start of the week. If you’re looking for more COVID-19 resources, you can check out MASSCreative’s COVID-19 pages, including updates, resources, advocacy, policy recommendations, and policy & action updates.


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