Next COVID-19 Federal Aid Package

From Politico Morning Shift 5.11.20:

DEMOCRATS PRESS AHEAD ON STIMULUS: Democrats will release, perhaps as early as this week, another coronavirus stimulus proposal that includes more than $750 billion in aid to state and local governments “as well as direct support to Americans,” Natalie Andrews reports in The Wall Street Journal. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi worked through the weekend on the plan, Newsday’s Tom Brune reports, after extensive talks last week with the Democratic caucus and with committee chairs. The package “could cost upward of $2 trillion” and include hazard pay for frontline workers and funds for expanded testing and contract tracing, as POLITICO’s Heather Caygle, Sarah Ferris, and John Bresnahan have reported.

“We put a marker down that follows the lead of other bipartisan legislation that has been passed, with increased funding,” Pelosi told C-SPAN Friday.

Congressional Republicans and the White House have signaled they’re not too eager about another stimulus bill, even after Friday’s jobs report showed unemployment to be higher than at any time since 1939. “We’re kind of paused as far as formal negotiations go,” Larry Kudlow, the director of the White House’s National Economic Council, told reporters Friday. That same day, President Donald Trump said, “We’re in no rush.

But by Sunday Kudlow was objecting on ABC’s “This Week” to weekend newspaper headlines claiming there had been no talks (he may have been thinking of this one from The Washington Post). He said that he and economic adviser Kevin Hassett on Friday held a bipartisan “conference call with about 50 House members,” and that a similar call with Senate Democrats and Republicans is scheduled for today. “It’s not that we’re not talking.,” Kudlow said. “We are. It’s just informal at this stage.”

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