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TOPIC: Education

COVID-19 has upended our realities and exposed deeply imbedded inequities in our economy and systems of education from early education through college. It has been remarkable to watch districts across the state, including ours, distribute tools for technology and expand access to broadband Internet so that students can engage in learning from home. I hope that this commitment to equity remains in place long after our stay-at-home advisory is lifted. I also hope to see that same commitment applied to ensuring equitable access to art education.

A large body of research shows that access to sequential arts education results in higher achievement outcomes across all academic subjects and grade levels. And our experiences through this crisis shows that creativity, flexibility, and critical thinking—the habits of mind fostered through arts education—are critical to adapting to previously unthinkable ways of living and working.

All students need access to a quality arts education in addition to science, math, and technology. As we strategize about how to reshape our post-COVID-19 lives, I would like to hear from elected officials in state and local government about their ideas for making access to education, including arts education, more equitable.

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