Tips for Writing a Letter to the Editor

  • Know the procedures for your local paper
    • Most LTE policies Opinion page online or in paper
    • Word count: ~200 or less
    • Signing off:
      Phone number (for verification, not publication)
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the editor
    • What do people want to read?
    • How can I show that we’re a great paper?
  • Strategy
    • Letters from several people on the same issue
    • Responding to a printed article
      • In response to “Baker appoints advisory board to guide reopening of Mass. economy:”
  • Write the Letter
    • Pick your main point: Stick to it
    • Convey your frustration, avoid exaggeration
    • Use your personal experience
  • Sample outline
    • State problem
    • Describe the problem (make it feel real, personal)
    • State solution
    • Wrap it up!
  • Follow up with the editor after submitting
    • Did they receive it?
    • Did it meet their guidelines?
    • Are they planning to print it?
    • Let us know you submitted it!
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