Art, Culture, and Creativity: Connecting During COVID-19

MASSCreative is pleased to launch “Art, Culture, and Creativity: Connecting During COVID-19.” a story campaign highlighting the many ways in which cultural organizations are working to keep people connected during the pandemic. These connections are vital to our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Although there are many ways in which people can connect online via social media, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted all of the ways in which we used to connect in more meaningful ways via cultural ecosystems at school, work, and home. 

The long-range impact of this social isolation and disconnection is sure to be devastating. Hundreds of large-scale epidemiological studies have shown that “being socially connected significantly reduces risk for premature mortality from all causes.” The only silver lining to all this, perhaps, is that the loss of these cultural connections have demonstrated just how much they matter. As we move forward with policy prescriptions for the “new normal,” our decisions should be “based on scientific evidence of benefits and drawbacks to our well-being, not solely on economic costs and convenience.” 

Since March, the Mass Cultural Council has collected detailed financial data from 898 nonprofit and municipal cultural organizations documenting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of October 2020, the agency had documented $483,519,270 in lost revenue since March, while the Commonwealth’s working creatives: individual artists, teaching artists, and scientist/humanists have lost $20,138,858 in personal income. Although Congress, the state, and a handful of municipalities around the Commonwealth have offered some relief, available resources do not match the need. 

Connecting During COVID-19 Stories

If you are an artist or run an arts organization and would like to be profiled in this series, please fill out this survey and we will be in touch!

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