Cultural Facilities Fund: Working on a Five-Year Renewal


In November, Governor Patrick tripled his allocation to the Cultural Facilities Fund to $15 million to repair and rebuild the Commonwealth’s cultural venues. The governor’s decision came after the creative sector pulled together to show the strength of the community. We’re ready to do it again.

Right now, the legislature is working to reauthorize the Fund, so that monies are available to be distributed over another five years. We’re working to ensure that the Cultural Facilities Fund is reauthorized at $75 million so that $15 million can be allocated by the governor each year. 


In March, dozens of you jumped to action as the House debated the reauthorization of the Cultural Facilties Fund. The bill, H. 3933, was sent to the Senate, where we have another opportunity to show the voice and strength of the creative community. With you’re help, we’ll work to restore the Cultural Facilities Fund to $75 million before it gets debated on the Senate floor.

Hearings will be held both in the Committee on Bonding and the Committee on Ways and Means. It’s vital that we share the stories of the Commonwealth’s creative community and show the impact that arts and culture have in building vibrant and connected communities. 

If you’re interested in meeting with leadership, testifying at these hearings, or submitting written testimony, please email Tracie and we will let you know when the Senate takes up the bill.

On social media, we made the call to action for arts advocates around the state: dial up your local representative and ask them to support Amendment 1 to House Bill 3920!

We got a great response! Check out our Storify for a breakdown of the action on social media.  


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