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After the question came up at the Create The Vote Gubernatorial Forum, we now know that each of the candidates has a personal connection to the arts. What you may not know is that three of the candidates have siblings who hold prominent positions in the arts.

In the Boston Globe’s Capital Source section, Frank Phillips wrote a piece about Martha Coakley tapping on her sister to help oversee her advisory council on the creative economy (as well as Steve Grossman’s wife, Barbara).

Jane Coakley, the Democratic candidate’s sister, is executive director of the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society. Barbara Grossman, who is the wife of state Treasurer and former gubernatorial hopeful Steve Grossman, is a professor in Tufts University’s Department of Drama and Dance.

“I thought the two of them could start to put together, across the state, a group of very devoted teachers, artists, people who want to see opportunities for artists in Massachusetts and to continue to push for our schools,” Coakley said.

Coakley isn’t the only candidate with a prominent sibling in the arts. Charlie Baker’s brother, Alex, chairs SpeakEasy Stage Company’s Board of Directors, and Evan Falchuk’s brother, Brad, is a co-creator of the popular television shows Glee and American Horror Story.

Let’s hope support for the arts runs in the family.

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Do I like this post? NO.

Charlie Baker does NOT have a “connection to the arts.” Having a brother on a board of directors only states that the brother has either money or connections or both, NOT arts initiative. BAD connection.

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