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October 19, 2021


CTV Cambridge Candidate Questions 

  1. What is your track record in supporting the arts in Cambridge or elsewhere? Please cite specific projects, initiatives, or advocacy. 
  2. As a member of the Cambridge City Council, will you commit in the short term to increasing funding immediately to support recovery efforts in the sector and shore up the arts and culture economy? What levels of funding would you commit to making available over the next two years to enable the sector to return to pre-pandemic revenue levels? 
  3. Long term, as a member of the Cambridge City Council, will you ensure the arts and culture sector is actively included in longer-term citywide economic planning efforts? And will you commit to supporting the sector through broader City funding mechanisms such as PILOT payments from museums and universities and the Community Benefits Fund from developers?
Burhan Azeem
Dana Bullister  
Dennis Carlone  
Robert Eckstut
Tonia Hicks  
Ilan Levy    
Alanna Mallon
Marc McGovern
Joe McGuirk
Gregg Moree  
Patty Nolan
Frantz Pierre  
Sumbul Siddiqui  
Theodora Skeadas
Denise Simmons
Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler
Paul Toner
Nicola Williams
Quinton Zondervan  


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