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Boston Arts and Culture and the Pandemic

  • The arts and cultural sector was among the first to close and among the last to reopen from necessary public health closures related to COVID-19. 
  • Since March 2020 404 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Greater Boston reported $544M in lost revenue, impacting over 14K jobs
  • Since March 2020 1190 artists and creative workers in Greater Boston reported $13.5M in lost revenue and  25K canceled gigs / jobs.
  • These numbers do not include for-profit arts businesses including independent live venues and creative consultancies.
  • The arts, culture, and creative communities of Boston have a long way to go to come back from the pandemic. We have to come back from the immense negative economic impact while at the same time creating new business models and approaches to creative work that respond to the shifts in how we gather and attend events in person.

Boston Arts and Culture is a Valuable Part of Boston’s Economic Health and Woven into the Fabric of Resident’s Lives

Please add specific examples of how your creative practice or organization has supported the communities you serve over the two years. 

  • For Organizations
    • Highlight the communities you serve, the programs you lead and the impact of your work.
    • Cite other community partners who you work with.
    • Share quotes from Bostonians you have served.
  • For Artists and Creative Workers
    • Share  your experiences over the last two years.
    • Highlight your creative practice and the impact its has had on your communities (quotes help!)
  • For Arts Supporters
    • Share how the arts have helped you over the last two years.
    • How the arts and cultural community of Boston impacts your life and community. (specific examples help!)

Funding for Arts, Culture and Creativity in FY23 and Beyond




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